ESN Olten

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Olten is a section of ESN Switzerland. ESN is a European-wide student organisation supporting and developing student exchange.

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Among other activites ESN Olten is responsible for the Buddy System.

The ESN Olten organize a buddy system. Current students, normally in the BSc International Management, Business Information Systems or Business Administration, act as buddies to incoming exchange students. This usually means that they will pick you up when you first arrive and take you to your accommodation and explain how everything works in Switzerland. They are also on call to help you find your way around the school, classes and life here in general. They will try to answer questions you have on anything from where you can go to the cinema or how the grading system works. The ESN Olten also organises various events and excursions. In the winter they usually organise a ski trip, they often organise visits to interesting cities or places, and parties.

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