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Barbeercue in retrospect

Check out the latest video from yesterday’s summer Barbeercue! It was a blast to have you all there! A BIG THANK YOU to Robin Dünner for the making off! We are still overwhelmed and curing the hangover 😉 Also, check out the image gallery on facebook!

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FWO Team 2017/2018

Kristian Berisha
President of Fachschaft Wirtschaft Olten

Ramona Mosimann 
Head of Care Team

Jan Wolter 
Head of E-Shop & Website

Katja Fischer
Head of Event Team

Marina Jenny 
Head of Event Team

Amir Dedic 
Head of PR

Janick Brunner 
Head of Care Team

Sami Harrou 
Head of Studi-Party Team

Tschro Jahany
Head of Finance