Study Tips

Once again, the holidays are over….

The FWO hopes you had a great time with your family and a great start into the New Year. It was nice being able to relax a few days, eat way too much good food for our soul and leaving us feeling fat but happy. Unfortunately, we need a wakeup call then the reality is catching up again with…


Then yes, the exams are around the corner and it’s about time to study. Maybe you feel overwhelmed, you don’t know where to start and how to handle it.

Well, no worries. It is normal and so far we could all make it. So do not let the stress overtake your life and maybe by following some of these study tips you can get into the exams with a bit more relaxation.

Step 1: Plan ahead
Are you sick and tired of pulling all-nighters just before the exam and feeling not prepared at all? Maybe you should consider planning ahead instead of start studying for the exam just the day before. Creating an effective study plan will help you to keep the overview of the material to be studied and to get organized.

Step 2: Make Breaks
Do you know the feeling when you are under time pressure and you think you can’t allow yourself a break? YOU ARE WRONG; no one of us is a “super-brain” that can keep on working effectively for hours. So, take regular breaks without feeling guilty. Actually, breaks will help you to improve your focus, make your brain more receptive again and boost your productivity. Just go ahead and afford yourself a break after one or two hours of studying. Go and grab something to drink, go for a walk or have a nice chat with a friend.

Step 3: Study before going to Bed
Studies have shown that the brain strengthens new memories while sleeping, which enhances the remembering of whatever you have revised just before. Therefore, you could look over and review what you have studied during the day. Make your studies your bedtime story! But you shouldn’t do that right in bed. Bringing the work to bed could disturb a relaxing sleep.

Step 4: Drink enough H2O!

During the study phase it is important to drink enough water. Only if the body is hydrated enough, the brain can also concentrate and work fully. Best way for doing so is by having a glass full of water or a bottle next to your study place.

Step 5: Fresh Air and Exercise
Also fresh air helps to energize your brain. Make sure to let fresh air into your room regularly and even better is going outside for some minutes. Moreover, movement and exercise can make that you can concentrate better. Research has shown that already half an hour of exercise such as aerobics can improve our brain-processing speed. Why not combine these two by going for a run or walk?

Step 6: Sleep it off!
Staying up all night and studying will not only leave you looking like a zombie but will also stress your brain. More effective before the exams is getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night. This way you can recover and make yourself fresh and ready for the exam. So, just go to bed, get your sleep and be ready to concentrate at the exam. Plus, if you scheduled your studying, you don’t need to study the evening before the exam. How about enjoying a hot bath and relaxing a bit?

Step 7: Find your Way of Studying
Not everyone works the same. Some learn by just reading it, others by making summaries or by working in groups. Find the way that fits you the most. Maybe you could also try different methods. Making flashcards and summaries make it usually easier to memorize something since it was put down on paper. Turning theory into stories can help remembering key details as well. Perhaps, working in groups and discussing can also improve your studying progress. Especially, explaining things to your peers makes you learn it by yourself. Be open for new ways and remember to stay positive!

Don’t stress, take your time  and you surely will be fine. In this sense, the FWO wishes you all a successful preparation phase and good luck for the exams!